Affordable and strategic online marketing!

Web Polaris' combined expertise in internet technology and online business management can give you a competitive edge in online business. Navigating the online marketplace can sometimes be daunting – both for those just starting a business as well as for seasoned professionals.

Let the experience of our team be your guide. We can lead you past common obstacles and pitfalls to ensure you capitalize on the potential offered by the internet. Being successful online means having an effective marketing strategy to attract, retain and convert customers.

Web Polaris can develop an e-marketing plan specifically to suit your needs. As part of our strategic planning process, we put together a package custom designed for each client that combines the tools that can best help them achieve their online objectives.

Our Web Marketing Services

Web Polaris is here to help you navigate the often complicated world of online business. Our consultants can develop a marketing plan to make sure your potential customers or clients find your site quickly. And if you are looking to open an online store, we can create a website specifically geared towards your products and designed to reach your customer base.

Web Polaris offers a variety of web marketing services:

Online Advertising

It is difficult to sell your product, promote your services, or share your ideas with online customers if they never see your website. Web Polaris can help make sure your target audience finds you online. Of course this includes advertising on and linking up with other websites. We can find you partners who will include a link to your site for free as well as ideal sites for paid advertising. And we can even design and develop those banner and other online ads!

E-Mail Campaigns

After we have helped you attract potential clients and customers, we can help you retain and convert the traffic you are most interested in to regular users or visitors. E-mail advertisements and newsletters are a proven effective way to keep the most likely customers coming back, to get the message out about promotions, and to increase your bottom line. We can help you generate mailing lists – and design and develop the mailings you send out.

Web Analytics

Web Polaris can provide you with detailed data about the behavior of the users of your website. What pages did they visit? How did they get there? How long did they stay? Where are they from? Tracking and analyzing this information can help you make informed decisions about how to adjust your site to retain these potential customers and to improve their experience.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing online and why they are doing it can help you not only keep up, but also gain the advantage in the battle for market share and customers. It can help you identify your website's strengths and weaknesses. Let Web Polaris keep tabs on your competition and translate this research into strategies to help you ensure you are always one step ahead.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Click here for more information about Web Polaris' SEO strategies that can help your website succeed.

Our Social Media Services

Social Media is more than just the latest buzz word in marketing. Social Media marketing uses these sites and others to persuade consumers that a specific company, product, or organization is important. It can build a customer base and develop and maintain a company’s reputation. It allows business large and small to find out what their clients and the public are saying about them – and to help control and direct that message. It has also proven especially effective in promoting business-to-business relationships.

Social Media marketing is a time consuming process. It’s not as simple as opening a Twitter and Facebook account. It requires constant attention and cultivation to be effective. Large corporations with resources and staff to devote to Social Media marketing have already demonstrated the benefits of this latest technology. Smaller businesses and non-profits interested in using this important marketing tool are increasingly finding it necessary and clever to hire professionals to take care of this for them.

Web Polaris offers a variety of Social Media services:


Simple, interactive blogs with individual personalities and consist, quality information can be an effective marketing tool. Frequent, well-timed updates keep your name in front of your clients, partners and fans. In your own blog, you can use strategies such as repeated keywords, strategic link placement, and tagging to compliment your Search Engine Optimization. Getting others to blog about your company or organization can also allow an even wider audience keeps current with your developments. We can help find the right bloggers to promote you and ensure the message they are setting projects the image you want.

Social Networking

Confused about how to use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to grow your business? Not even sure what Facebook and Twitter are? We know our way around these and other social networking sites – and how to use them to reach your clients, partners, and fans where they already hang out online. Constant engagement and reminders of what you as well as Word-of-Mouth (WOM) campaigns can get a buzz going about your product, organization, or company. These social networking contacts and campaigns have proven successful at increasing brand recognition and website traffic for business large and small. We can launch a campaign for you, and track its progress and impact on your bottom line.