Affordable web design and management!

You want a great website and you don’t want to pay too much for it. Web Polaris’ extensive experience creating customized, innovative websites means we can meet your needs, whether they include a simple brochure, an interactive database-driven store, or anything in between.

We offer a number of services that can be combined to create a successful website for yourself, you business, or your organization. We have customized these elements to establish an online presence that looks good and works well with multiple browsers and complies with online specifications and accepted standards.

Web Polaris offers the following design and development services:

Design Services

We have extensive experience creating customized, innovative websites for companies and organizations both large and small. Whether starting from the ground up or revamping an existing site, and whether you are web savvy or just venturing online, Web Polaris can help you every step of the way.

Design for Web

Our designers can create a website that lets you visually communicate with your customers and clients through layout, color, typography, and images. The same focus on interface, navigation and content development allows us to customize the design for your site – whether it's for an individual, a business, an organization, or even a blog – so that it captures your identity and engages and interests your clients, fans, partners and friends.

If what your company needs is an intranet to facilitate communication, consistency, and collaboration among your employees, Web Polaris can not only use the same strategies to advance your business or organization, but we can also help you keep your system closed and secure.


The interface is what users utilize to interact with your website, mobile applications, software, interactive devices, or intranet page. Good design is user-centered design: it is functional and doesn’t put visuals above usability. Web Polaris's professional graphic designers can create interfaces that users can use intuitively, but which haven’t sacrificed on the artistic and creative aspects of design to achieve all your goals simultaneously.


Web Polaris can help you create menus and sitemaps to organize the content of your website so that it seems intuitive and natural to your users, but at the same time helps you direct their path to accomplish your online goals. Having a good navigational structure is one of the easiest ways to retain site traffic and increase the effectiveness of your website.

Content Development

As a result of our extensive experience working with and analyzing websites across a wide range of industries and fields, we are especially equipped to help you plan what kind of content is appropriate and necessary for you to achieve your online goals and provide the information you want to your target audience.

Marketing Design

Web Polaris' experience graphic designers can also provide you with banner advertisements and e-newsletters that project an image consistent with your website and brand identity, but are at the same time fresh and customized for each campaign you want to launch.


The team at Web Polaris can help you link your website’s design and tone to either coordinate with your existing brand identity, or to help you create one. Maintaining consistency across different marketing media can help ensure your customers recognize and remember you. This includes all aspects of web design described above, but also involves your logo and Print Design.

Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of creating a brand identity. It appears prominently on all your marketing and professional materials and should be unique and reflective of your personality. Logos are often the starting point for color schemes and tones of overall marketing and brand images, so getting the logo right is of upmost importance. There are plenty of databases of logos to chose from, but if you want something truly unique and to be proud of, working with professional graphic designers is a sure bet.

Print Design

To further integrate all your brand's components, Web Polaris can serve all your graphic design needs, including print media such as business cards, postcards, letterhead and other similar products. We are artistic professionals who can help you visually communicate and coordinate all your marketing messages.

Web Management Services

Websites are never done. Part of their beauty is that they are interactive and dynamic. Web Polaris can help you manage your website once it exists – whether we created it for you or not. We have extensive experience updating content, carrying out website audits, and analyzing web traffic and tweaking sites to optimize their potential and improve user experiences. Web Polaris offers a variety of post-launch services:


Keeping your website up to date and ensuring it is trouble free is an ongoing process requiring constant vigilance. As experts, we can take care of this efficiently and effectively, and allow you to focus on the primary aspects of your business or organization.


We are proud of our work and if you experience any difficulties or have any questions about your site we are always available for ongoing consulting and support.

Content Management

If we create your website, we can set it up so you can manage and update the content through a user-friendly point and click system. Or, if you want it even easier – we'd be happy to provide this service for you.


Our team at Web Polaris can even host your website and promise 99% uninterrupted server uptime. If we are helping you with content management and web analytics, it can especially streamline the process if we also are hosting your site. Setup is easy and our customer service is responsive and personal.

Web Development

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