The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Are you interested in successfully marketing your website on the internet? Have you thought about how people find out about your website and where visitors might come from? You could put out an ad in a magazine with your website address or a more effective option might be paid online advertising.

Internet marketing is normally comprised of two categories. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). These are commonly confused terms in the website industry. Sometimes website owners think that only SEO is needed when in fact it is also important to use SEM techniques to ensure the success of a website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the process of improving a website’s visibility by actually modifying the website itself. SEO is normally done by a website developer, copywriter or the website owner. An example of SEO would be using descriptive page titles on your website. Page titles help the directory pages determine what your content is about and direct properly direct people to your website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the process of driving visitors to your website by using paid advertising on other websites. This involves paying a company such as Google or Bing to list your website at the top of their search results. You can list your website on Google for free, but the free methods will not guarantee you will appear at the top of searches. When you pay for online advertising you can normally use a Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Impressions pricing structure.

Some common online advertising systems available today are:

Google – AdWords
Microsoft Advertising – adCenter
Facebook Ads
Other Website Advertising Networks

Some other useful things you can do to improve your website’s visibility online include regularly updating your website content, blogging, creating XML sitemap file, submitting your website to major searches, adding clear pages titles and adding keywords.

When you add an XML sitemap to your website it helps the search engines list what is on your website easily. Daily little programs called “bots” run from the search engine companies which come and visit your website. These bots sometimes need to be told what to do. Helping them classify and categorize content on your site can increase how available your website content becomes on the search engines.

Be aware that sometimes it can take months for search engines to completely index your site. It is also sometimes possible if you have a lot of content for the bots to overload your website resulting in poor website performance.

Internet Marketing Approaches And How They Help With Your Business Success

Internet marketing plays a vital role in the lives of so many people, most particularly those with online businesses. Advertising online is one of the cheapest ways to let the public know about your products and that you are a serious online seller as well, though there are still some who actually don’t understand what internet marketing is all about and there are still some who doesn’t know how to do internet marketing effectively. There are approaches that must be learned by individuals who want to take advantage of internet marketing, and here are some of those internet marketing approaches that they must be aware of.

The first thing that you should do is to properly design your ads online and make sure that they are meant for easy reading of the target audience. Your ads will speak on your behalf so you need to be able to express yourself to the public through the ads that you will post on your website. You should always keep in mind that internet marketing is one of the best types of advertising tools that you should use these days especially if you are not good in convincing the public about the products or the services that you have. Internet marketing can be very helpful and useful for you at the same time.

Another thing that you should know about internet marketing approach is email building. By simply building a list of your target audience, you will be able to get the sympathy or the attention of your target audiences. They may be your regular customers later on. Making a research first of important things that you need will also be helpful to equip you with all important information that you need to gather. Through the email lists that you have, you can send the information to group of people and this may be another internet marketing approach that you can use these days. It is so simple and easy as well.

If you are creative and you know you can get the attention of so many people through advertisement why don’t you use your creativity to make online ads? Ads can also be one way to express yourself and let others know what you have in mind. With ads you can also easily convey your messages to your clients and let be able to boost them to buy from you. A banner can also be another way to let others know that you are into something. You can post the banners that you have made to various websites today.

You can also make a blog or website of your own and post the banner there. You don’t have to spend any amount of money in this method because there are blogging sites and website domains that are free of charge. You can just take advantage of the internet and enjoy what is there that you can use. There are lots of tools that are available today when it comes to internet marketing approaches so there is nothing to worry when it comes to finding one that will work for your needs.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Content

There are innumerable search engine optimization techniques that are applicable for promoting or ranking of your website. While there are many ways that you can adopt to improve your website search engine rankings, if you are specific in your approach you may be able to achieve your results within a reasonable amount of time since initiation of the optimization process. Many business owners have a misconception that getting ranked in the first page of Google is a nightmare. While this can be true, especially if you are using the wrong approach of search engine optimization, there is high chance that you will rank easily if you adopt the techniques I am about to disclose to you here in this article.

Without much ado, let me disclose to you the easiest ways you can use to rank in the first page of Google, Bing or any other search engine you may wish to rank. You should observe the following:

• Fresh and Quality Content

Web content that you publish in your website is a very important factor that determines if you will rank or not. The content published should be quality and should contain the relevant keywords that you wish to rank for. You should however avoid putting too many keywords in your content since you may be penalized by the search engines for keyword stuffing. Usually a keyword density range of 2-3% may be great. The content should be unique and informative to the readers so that they spend time in your website.

• Keyword Density

As mentioned above the amount of keywords that you place in the articles and the content you publish in your website is very crucial. It is emphasized that you should avoid overdoing keyword optimization. The keyword density should be within the normal range.

• Keyword Placement

The keyword of an article should be place in the best places that can enhance their visibility to search Engines. The best places to position the keywords for maximum SEO benefit. The keyword should be placed in the title and in the first paragraph of the article and also evenly distributed in the article as well as in the last paragraph. Placement of the keyword in the first paragraph and the title is very important and should be the most important

• Incoming Links

In search engine optimization the incoming links are the most regarded compared to the outbound links. It is therefore important that you increase the number of links that are coming in to your website for maximum. You should ensure the inbound links are of value to your website and the outbound links point to highly esteemed websites like Wikipedia. This will increase the number of times that the search engine spiders visit your website and therefore enhance your website rankings. The authenticity of your articles can be augmented by linking the articles using the out bound links that point to the outside website that is an authority site. Alternatively the other links coming from outside can make reference to one of your content section.

These are some of the most valuable factors that you should consider when you are publishing your website content for maximum visibility. Though this list is not conclusive the tips outlined are the most significant in search engine optimization of content. You should consider implementing these tips when you write content to make the content more useful for your SEO purpose.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Can Put Your Online Home Business on the Map

Mobile marketing is all the rage on the Web these days as cell phone usage continues to soar worldwide. According to a mobile local ads website: “4,239,956 people are having a cell phone conversation at any given second in the world. 15% of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call. 32% of men and 23% of women say they can’t live without their cell phone.”

This mobile phone phenomenon has created a tremendous marketing opportunity for Internet marketers and online home business owners everywhere. Some are predicting that mobile marketing will some day claim number one spot over email marketing as an advertising medium.

Mobile marketing is any type of advertising or product promotion that utilizes cell phones. This media is not only limited to text messaging, as some people believe, but you can also use voice messages, apps and mobile websites to get your point across.

This relatively new Internet marketing frontier provides several advantages to Internet entrepreneurs who are willing to get involved.

1. First of all, this advertising channel is very easy to set up and to implement. All you really need is a list of prospects and access to an online mobile service willing to send your messages. If you can compose an email advertisement and send an email you can create a cell phone marketing campaign.

2. Another reason to take advantage of this new opportunity is people on average check their text messages and their voicemail more often than their email messages. This means it’s easier to get your message to your prospective customers.

3. Timing is everything in the world of Internet marketing and with text messaging you can reach your target immediately. People check their texts as they arrive while an email message may be sitting in someone’s inbox for days or may even get lost entirely in a spam folder.

4. Believe it or not there are still people who don’t have an email address while 91% of Americans own a mobile device. This also increases the chance of your home business message getting to your intended recipient.

5. Currently this market is virtually untapped because, as with most things, people are reluctant to experiment with something new. This means, once again, that timing is everything and this couldn’t a better moment to get involved before the market becomes too competitive.

Mobile marketing is the new kid on the Internet marketing block and if you’re serious about creating another revenue stream for your online home business you should give this opportunity serious consideration.

SEO Optimization Company – Choice Between Experienced Players and New Talents?

If you are planning to promote your business website to get more and more customers, you will surely come across the word, Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many search engine marketing firms who claim to be experts in the field. Choosing the right SEO optimization company to promote your business website is going to be a slightly tricky affair.

There are thousands of search engine marketing firms that offer excellent services to their clients. Some might be experienced in the field, while others might be practically new, and without much experience. So, how are you going to choose the right SEO optimization company among so many providers?

Let us now check out their pros and cons.

Experienced companies:

Experienced companies will know everything about the inns and outs on how to go about the SEO needs of their clients. They will even have the necessary resources and tools for conducting their jobs efficiently. By hiring the services of an experienced SEO Optimization Company, you can be assured of quality and timely delivery of services. They will have a well organized customer support team to keep you updated with the developments taking place on their end.

While there is no denying the fact that there is no substitution to experience, quality does come with a price. Will all that they have to offer, their fees will be on the higher side. This however might not be true in all the cases, as business will need to offer competitive prices, in order to get that distinct edge over their business rivals. Furthermore, you could also try negotiating their fees and check with them if they could give you further discounts.

New Companies:

If there is something very noticeable about newcomers, then it is most definitely their enthusiasm and energy levels. A new SEO Company might even go that extra mile to retain you as their long-term customer.

The biggest advantage of hiring new search engine marketing firms is cheaper rates. They might slash their profit margins to entice more and more customers. They would also be willing to give you discount on prices to make you happy.

However, lack of experience could also mean low quality, but again it might not be so with all the new service providers. Although they will still be in their initial stages, you will still come across professionals who are willing to work with commitment, and exhibit excellent business ethics.

The thing that you will need to know about the new companies before hiring them is their professionalism and competence. They might be low on resources, but they might be willing to put in that extra effort.

Hiring on short term basis:

The best way to gauge the potentials of any SEO optimization company is by engaging them for short term projects. If you find them to be reasonably competent during that period, you might want to think about extending your contracts.

Making your choice:

You could make sound judgments by considering the above mentioned points. Remember that your website promotion is something that is very important for your business, and you will need to make sure that the responsibility is taken up by the right providers.

What Is All This Duplicate Content Penalty Stuff Anyway?

In this article I am going to teach you about the duplicate content penalty and why it is important to understand the concept if you plan to use article marketing as part of your internet business.

So basically, duplicate content is when an article or blog post or maybe a product description is copied from one place to another. The first indexing of that content will get the ranking, and all the others will be penalized for copying.

Internet marketing relies very heavily on original content. Whether you have an ecommerce site selling softball gloves, or you have a blog that relies on advertising revenue, or your niche is article marketing to drive traffic, you have to be concerned with the duplicate content penalty.

For the first few years of internet marketing a person could just throw up a site of any kind and get visitors and sales. It was new, bright and shiny and people were attracted to it. Then, the shine wore off a bit and marketers had to actually do some marketing to get folks over to their site. They used content, any kind of content to get themselves ranked high on the search engines.

Getting these rankings was fairly simple back then. The name of the game was getting links to your website, using whatever method possible. So many marketers just copied content and placed it on their site or blog or just re-wrote it and published to article directories. This worked although it was against the better practices rules of the search engines.

Well, the search engines always told us not to use duplicate content. They said it just wasn’t fair and they would not count it as link juice for your site, possibly even remove your site from the listings. However, since the search engines didn’t follow their own rules at that time, many marketers chose to ignore them and get the rankings anyway.

Recently the big search engine has re-written its search algorithms and it has implemented those parameters that it always tried to use in the first place. Many marketers got bumped from the first page, some removed entirely. It left many companies scrambling to comply, trying to regain their foot hold on the market.

The moral is that you should create your marketing material with duplicate content penalty in mind. Write an article, place it either on your website or publish it to an article directory, not both. If you feel you need the content both places, then you must re-write it such that it is mostly original in both places.

How Many Different Ways Can You Promote A Website?

Website promotion is an ever-growing field of discipline. If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, then you’ve likely seen various ways to promote a website, many of which have come and gone. And some of which have come and stayed.

For instance, directory submissions, while not as effective a link building tool as they once were, still can be a great way to promote a new website. This is especially true of niche websites and niche directories.

Search engine optimization is another method of website promotion, one that seems to have a level of permanence.

If you are active on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, then you likely are aware of the powerful communication potential of social media. Facebook is the most trafficked website online. And Google+, the newest social network, is the fastest growing of all time. Yet, Twitter and LinkedIn are two powerful social networks that bear mentioning. These are by no means the only ones worth considering.

Videos are also powerful for promoting a website. You can establish your own channel through video distribution website YouTube and engage thousands of followers with your own home-made videos.

Then there are mobile marketing tactics. You can promote a website through a specialty app for the iPhone, Android or Facebook. Or you can design a QR code, which enables smartphone users the ability to scan your code and visit your website in their mobile phone browser.

Forums and blogs are also great website promotion tools. You can start your own or visit others within your niche. Even commenting on blogs outside of your niche can promote your website if you are able to leave quality, helpful comments that engage other readers.

Offline promotional efforts can work as well. If you are a local business, you can still drive traffic to your website through TV and radio advertising. Billboards make great outdoor advertising media. Newspaper ads can still be effective in some markets. And there is the old-fashioned word of mouth way to promote your website. Get your customers to do the promotion for you.

Paid online advertising works. Pay per click advertising is perhaps one of the most effective ways to promote a website and drive targeted traffic to your web properties.

Link building through articles, guest blog posts, Knol pages, Squidoo lenses, HubPages, and other websites that allow you to upload your content can be very effective in building links and driving traffic to a website in virtually any niche.

The most important thing to keep in mind about promoting a website online is to plan your work. Don’t leave anything to chance. Make a plan, work it diligently and maintain a focus on the end goal. Remember that patience is key. You won’t achieve results overnight no matter what methods or techniques you use. But if you are diligent, you can promote your website and rise to the top of the search engines with hard work, time, and effective marketing that builds momentum the more you put into it.

Is Your Business Online? Learn The Tips To Successful Internet Marketing!

Make sure people understand what your website is about right away. Certain companies have managed to attract a lot of visitors by creating a mysterious website and promising people to tell them more if they come back later. This might be a good strategy to launch a new product, but you should work on building a solid visitor base first.

If you are going to use classified ads, make sure you use a title that will stand out. You can use capital letters and bold characters. Do not go over the top as most people know not to trust ads that try too hard and that might turn out to be scams.

Unless you are a huge, well-known website, you can not expect new customers to do all of their business online. Many customers are leery of putting their credit care number online, especially if it is a company they have never heard of. Take time to chat with your customers if they call or email to make them feel better about buying from you.

Do not be upset if your website is small when you are just starting out, just be sure you are doing all you can to promote positive internet marketing. Internal links should be done correctly and all of your content should work at all times. Do not overload your small website with internal links, as relevant placement does more than bombarding your customers does.

It may be wise to hire domain professional when starting your internet marketing business. These professionals will be more apt to find you a better deal than you would be able to find on your own. They can also offer you professional advice that you have not have known otherwise.

Do your research online about existing scams, and make sure your business does not look like any of them. In the worst case scenario, a scam could even use your company’s name and reputation to disguise a scam. Make sure you use techniques that inspire confidence and adopt an honest and open attitude towards your products.

One tip that some people swear by as a means to raise the level of internet marketing is to broadcast telemarketing ads as a means of promotion. Some insist that this is a captivating promotional idea. Use this strategy to help boost your ad ratio while using product reviews.

Although it may seem complicated now, you can tell from the tips you read above that implementing the right tactics is not going to be a difficult thing. Everything seems complicated until you learn about it, then suddenly that fog lifts and it all makes sense. Study these tips until everything makes sense to you and get started with your marketing efforts.


Search Engine Optimization Basics

Fundamentally search engine optimization is an easy process for people who are keen to follow the basic SEO rules or guidelines. For an ordinary person to understand the process of optimization and implement some of the techniques they do not require prior knowledge, but ability to follow instructions is paramount. Basically if you have a new website you can implement these basic measures and you will definitely see the fruits of your endeavors a month or two from the time you implement these measures.

The basic SEO techniques you can do when you’re building your site and it will help you increase your chances of having better results in your SEO plans;

Tip #1 Selection of the Title Tag
You should not confuse the title tag with the meat tag they are not the same thing but they work synergistically to promote the page rank of your website. It is a very important part of your website title since it directs the search engine spiders during the indexing of your website pages. When you are selecting your site title tag you should include the main keyword and a description of the keyword to help the search engine interpret the content of your website.

Tip #2 Your Site Meta Tags
Meta tags play a central role in the process of optimization and they can be described as the descriptions or words that come up when the site visitors see your link. The Meta tags are the promotional part of your website since they influence the web surfer to click on the link to your website. It is also paramount that you include the keyword and a keyword description in the Meta tags for the Meta tags to be effective.

Tip#3 Appropriate Uses of the H1 Tags
You should ensure that you make use of the H1 tags to make your website SEO relevant. The main page heading should be vividly enclosed in the H1 tags. You should avoid misusing of the H1 tags inside the pages in places that you require to have large font or size of the heading. Inappropriate use of the H1 tags creates confusion for the search engines since every time the H1 tag is used it signifies a page heading.

Tip #4 Use of the Image Alt attribute
When never you upload images in your website you should make them legible to the search engine spiders that visit your website. Search Engines do not read images and they are therefore incapable of telling the difference between images unless they are guided using special HTML descriptions that are called the ALT attributes. The Alt attributes are the descriptions that are seen when the image is not seen by the web browser in cases of slow internet connection or load of the images in the website. When your page is indexed, they take into consideration the Alt tags. It is therefore a crucial optimization technique that should always be implemented for maximum SEO benefit.

Tired of Business Lead Generation Struggles?

Are you tired of struggling to find highly targeted leads for your business, product or service? Is it taking way too much time and money to try to generate leads for your business? Would you like to discover how to generate more leads in order to create more new business partners or sales? How are you creating highly targeted leads for your success and how are you closing sales in your business?

Most businesses do not have adequate training and techniques and support for building a business or locating highly targeted leads for the business, service or products they promote. You might have the greatest product or service in the world, with the greatest prices or compensation plan in the world, but none of that matters if you cannot locate people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Another huge hurdle that gets in the way for most entrepreneurs is the need to follow up with whatever leads are generated. It is very important that you stay in touch with potential business partners or customers in order to develop relationships. How do you find time to create the highly critical relationship with a potential business partner or customer on the internet?

It takes time and effort to develop a trusting relationship with potential customers or business partners. Do you have time to call or e-mail each and every potential business partner or customer?

How would you handle the load if you generated more highly targeted leads a day as your business or customer list increased? Would you be able to keep up with all the calling or emailing that it would take to makes sales or create new business partners on the internet? That could take 8 hours a day to keep up with new leads generated on a daily basis. How would you get to new customers or business partners if you are spending all your time marketing and generating new leads for more potential customers and business partners? It is just not possible.

In order to generate the most success from your leads you must be able to follow up, provide knowledge in your area of expertise that they cannot find anywhere else, stay in contact with these people, and develop a real relationship with these potential business partners or customers. People do not join businesses, they join people. People do not just buy from anyone on the internet anymore, they shop for the best prices and most often the most trusted resources to purchase what they are looking for on the internet.