Leverage Professional Expertise With Search Engine Marketing Companies

Managing and running a business website is never an easy task. Aside from the upfront website management tasks, it is also important to look into the search engine marketing aspect of your website. This will enable you to achieve organic ranking. This is when search engine marketing companies become a lifesaver for your business. They can perform a variety of services that will increase your business’ web visibility.

But first, you need to understand what a search engine marketing firm can do for you and how.

When To Hire An SEM Company?

The process of hiring outside help to handle the optimization side of your business website requires due diligence. After all, it is an investment of your money and resources. One of the most challenging aspects to address is deciding when to hire an SEO or SEM company.

Many experts believe that when it comes to hiring a search engine marketing firm, the sooner is better. You can expect more substantial results when you invest on optimizing your website from the very beginning, instead of incorporating it halfway through. It will also become more competitive with proper optimization from the get-go.

Another factor to use when determine when to hire an SEO company is the budget. Depending on the level of optimization required, the budget for it might also go up or down. Only you, the website owner, can decide though when is the best time to tap professional services for web visibility.

What To Look For

Finding the right firm to handle your search engine optimization and marketing is not a one-way street. There are several factors and procedures that you must consider. Thus, knowing what these factors are will make your job a lot easier when evaluating your choices.

Good Industry Presence and Reputation – You should begin with this particular qualification because even a qualified firm who lacks good reputation and reliable presence is not a good investment for you. It also reflects the principles of the business entity in general.

Methods Used – There are white and black hat SEO strategies that are used by business owners across the internet. However, you should stick to legitimate methods that produce organic results instead of spamming or other methods that might produce results but lack the integrity you need for your business.

Price Quotes – This is a practical factor to use when you evaluate a search engine marketing firm. You must therefore evaluate the size and scope of your SEM campaign to determine whether the price quoted by a firm is reasonable or too expensive.

Support – Search engine optimization and marketing is an ongoing process. Hence, it is important for a firm to establish relationship with their clients to ensure that they can be contacted on a regular basis or whenever assistance is required.

The final and most important rule before hiring search engine marketing companies is to learn about the SEO process yourself. Or else, you won’t be able to communicate to a firm what you aspire to achieve with your business and its SEM campaign. It will be like aiming at an invisible target.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Are you interested in successfully marketing your website on the internet? Have you thought about how people find out about your website and where visitors might come from? You could put out an ad in a magazine with your website address or a more effective option might be paid online advertising.

Internet marketing is normally comprised of two categories. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). These are commonly confused terms in the website industry. Sometimes website owners think that only SEO is needed when in fact it is also important to use SEM techniques to ensure the success of a website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the process of improving a website’s visibility by actually modifying the website itself. SEO is normally done by a website developer, copywriter or the website owner. An example of SEO would be using descriptive page titles on your website. Page titles help the directory pages determine what your content is about and direct properly direct people to your website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the process of driving visitors to your website by using paid advertising on other websites. This involves paying a company such as Google or Bing to list your website at the top of their search results. You can list your website on Google for free, but the free methods will not guarantee you will appear at the top of searches. When you pay for online advertising you can normally use a Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Impressions pricing structure.

Some common online advertising systems available today are:

Google – AdWords
Microsoft Advertising – adCenter
Facebook Ads
Other Website Advertising Networks

Some other useful things you can do to improve your website’s visibility online include regularly updating your website content, blogging, creating XML sitemap file, submitting your website to major searches, adding clear pages titles and adding keywords.

When you add an XML sitemap to your website it helps the search engines list what is on your website easily. Daily little programs called “bots” run from the search engine companies which come and visit your website. These bots sometimes need to be told what to do. Helping them classify and categorize content on your site can increase how available your website content becomes on the search engines.

Be aware that sometimes it can take months for search engines to completely index your site. It is also sometimes possible if you have a lot of content for the bots to overload your website resulting in poor website performance.

Get Your Site on the First Page of Google

If you want to Drive Traffic to your Website or Blog, the #1 question to ask yourself is How to Get on the First Page of Google. This is the your most important problem to solve…if you are not on the first page of Google, chances are high that your site will never be seen or generate any real traffic…

One of the best ways to do this is to leverage Authority Sites such as YouTube, Squidoo, EzineArticles, Buzzle, Articlesbase, & Hub Pages. Authority Sites always win, then backlinks from other sites are the next best thing. Backlinks are like votes, the more the better. Post your content on Authority Sites & link them back to the same article on your site.

Quality & Quantity both count. One page that ranks on Google’s first page equals roughly 1 lead per day.

The goal is to have your article on the first page of Google so people looking for that topic can find it, click it, read it, then opt-in to your site. As long as your site has other good content, it’s likely the person that opted-in will come back for more. When they’re on your site & if they also opt-in to a lead capture page of some type, follow up with an email or phone call.

The types of articles that work best are either product reviews or problem/solution type, because everyone has problems that they want solved. Company reviews also work very well because most people will do research on a company to validate their decision about that company or before working with that company.

You’ll have to do some keyword research if you want to get on the first page of Google, by using Google’s keyword tool, there are other tools, but this is a good start.

You’ll be looking for keywords that rank on Authority Sites, like the ones mentioned above. When using the Google tool, set the Match Type to exact, then type in your phrase, you’re looking for Local Monthly Searches that are greater than 100. When you find one, then put that keyword phrase in a normal Google search window, enclose it in quotes & make sure you are not logged into Google, this will give you a better search result.

You’re looking for Authority Sites, when you find one, write your own article, submit it to Authority Sites…if you also submit your articles to other article sites, those articles should have a link pointing to the article on one of the Authority Sites, which will help your article rank higher. This is not the only strategy for ranking high on Google, but it’s a good start & you’ll have an edge against others competing for the first page of Google.

The strategies and methods for getting ranked high on the search engines can change, this will have an effect on the page ranking for your articles. Also the new Google +1 tool now plays an important role in your search engine ranking.

Your articles should be roughly 500 words. Use the keyword phrase 3-4 times throughout the article, don’t overdue it, otherwise it will not be as effective. When your article is finished, submit it to the applicable Authority Sites and make sure the article has a link back to the same article on your site.

The solution is fairly simple; the version of your article that you submit to the other article directories has links that point to the Authority Sites, the Authority Sites then point to the original article on your website or blog. This strategy creates lots of link-juice to your site, which ultimately helps rank it higher.

SEO Optimization Company – Choice Between Experienced Players and New Talents?

If you are planning to promote your business website to get more and more customers, you will surely come across the word, Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many search engine marketing firms who claim to be experts in the field. Choosing the right SEO optimization company to promote your business website is going to be a slightly tricky affair.

There are thousands of search engine marketing firms that offer excellent services to their clients. Some might be experienced in the field, while others might be practically new, and without much experience. So, how are you going to choose the right SEO optimization company among so many providers?

Let us now check out their pros and cons.

Experienced companies:

Experienced companies will know everything about the inns and outs on how to go about the SEO needs of their clients. They will even have the necessary resources and tools for conducting their jobs efficiently. By hiring the services of an experienced SEO Optimization Company, you can be assured of quality and timely delivery of services. They will have a well organized customer support team to keep you updated with the developments taking place on their end.

While there is no denying the fact that there is no substitution to experience, quality does come with a price. Will all that they have to offer, their fees will be on the higher side. This however might not be true in all the cases, as business will need to offer competitive prices, in order to get that distinct edge over their business rivals. Furthermore, you could also try negotiating their fees and check with them if they could give you further discounts.

New Companies:

If there is something very noticeable about newcomers, then it is most definitely their enthusiasm and energy levels. A new SEO Company might even go that extra mile to retain you as their long-term customer.

The biggest advantage of hiring new search engine marketing firms is cheaper rates. They might slash their profit margins to entice more and more customers. They would also be willing to give you discount on prices to make you happy.

However, lack of experience could also mean low quality, but again it might not be so with all the new service providers. Although they will still be in their initial stages, you will still come across professionals who are willing to work with commitment, and exhibit excellent business ethics.

The thing that you will need to know about the new companies before hiring them is their professionalism and competence. They might be low on resources, but they might be willing to put in that extra effort.

Hiring on short term basis:

The best way to gauge the potentials of any SEO optimization company is by engaging them for short term projects. If you find them to be reasonably competent during that period, you might want to think about extending your contracts.

Making your choice:

You could make sound judgments by considering the above mentioned points. Remember that your website promotion is something that is very important for your business, and you will need to make sure that the responsibility is taken up by the right providers.

What Is All This Duplicate Content Penalty Stuff Anyway?

In this article I am going to teach you about the duplicate content penalty and why it is important to understand the concept if you plan to use article marketing as part of your internet business.

So basically, duplicate content is when an article or blog post or maybe a product description is copied from one place to another. The first indexing of that content will get the ranking, and all the others will be penalized for copying.

Internet marketing relies very heavily on original content. Whether you have an ecommerce site selling softball gloves, or you have a blog that relies on advertising revenue, or your niche is article marketing to drive traffic, you have to be concerned with the duplicate content penalty.

For the first few years of internet marketing a person could just throw up a site of any kind and get visitors and sales. It was new, bright and shiny and people were attracted to it. Then, the shine wore off a bit and marketers had to actually do some marketing to get folks over to their site. They used content, any kind of content to get themselves ranked high on the search engines.

Getting these rankings was fairly simple back then. The name of the game was getting links to your website, using whatever method possible. So many marketers just copied content and placed it on their site or blog or just re-wrote it and published to article directories. This worked although it was against the better practices rules of the search engines.

Well, the search engines always told us not to use duplicate content. They said it just wasn’t fair and they would not count it as link juice for your site, possibly even remove your site from the listings. However, since the search engines didn’t follow their own rules at that time, many marketers chose to ignore them and get the rankings anyway.

Recently the big search engine has re-written its search algorithms and it has implemented those parameters that it always tried to use in the first place. Many marketers got bumped from the first page, some removed entirely. It left many companies scrambling to comply, trying to regain their foot hold on the market.

The moral is that you should create your marketing material with duplicate content penalty in mind. Write an article, place it either on your website or publish it to an article directory, not both. If you feel you need the content both places, then you must re-write it such that it is mostly original in both places.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Be on the First Page of Google

Why you need to be on the first page of Google? The answer to this question is very simple. Google processes billions of search requests every day.

It is also known as the Internet’s most visited search engine. This means that for any business, being first in Google means beating millions of other sites under the same niche.

Studies say that websites on the first page in Google search results receive 75% of clicks. This means that a website that occupies a prominent space in Google have higher chances of increasing sales. Owners of prominent business websites in Google do not look for clients anymore, as Google provides them the traffic they need every day.

The better question is how to be on the first page on Google? There have been thousands of articles, blog entries, and comments written about this question.

The one thing that they all have in common is the fact that to be first in Google is not an easy task. Anyone who decides to work on this all by himself or herself should prepare to work.

Money and time are needed to get on the first page on Google. But it is all worth it once the web site stays on top of the competition.

To be able to land on the front page of Google, one must first understand how the Google Page Rank system functions. This system is based on Hypertext Linking, which is a far more superior system compared to its predecessors.

This system provides faster and high quality search results. Back in the mid 90s, search engines were influenced by human interference making the search more arduous. Since Page Rank is based on Hypertext Linking, a site’s ranking is based on the number of links that point to a specific site.

In a way, these links vote for the “integrity” of a site to provide the right information for a specific keyword. There are some other elements involved in this system. But the most important fact that any website owner should take note of is that “high quality” links are necessary to get a good ranking.

High quality here means the sites that “vote” or point to the web site that is being promoted should be important sites as well. An example is a link from Yahoo.com is considered higher in quality as compared to a link from myfavoriteshoppingplace.com.

Getting on the first page of Google is not an easy task but anyone can start by identifying the keywords that need promotion. It is important to think like the person who is doing the search. How will a person type out his or her query in Google? There are also tools for keyword research that are available online.

Why you need to be on the first page of Google? The Internet is growing every day. To be on the first page of the top search engine is the only way to remain visible in the online competition. Most importantly, to be first on Google will help boost traffic.

High Quality Content – How to?

How people find your website through Google can have a major impact on your business and sales. Recently, Google made changes to its search algorithm to help improve the quality of search results provided so that previous ‘black hat’ tactics such as link spamming, link baiting, and dummy directories, were rendered useless when it came to achieving a better page rank.

Google doesn’t want people flubbing its system to get better search results, because the average search performed by a person is becoming more intelligent. For this reason, high quality content is the path to ensuring your place on page one of a Google search.

Content Prior to Panda

One of the early tactics that many black hat SEO users tried with Google was posting the same content over and over on different web addresses, hoping that the links within the articles would quickly boost the ranking of their pages. This worked for a while, but Google’s algorithm was quickly updated to be able to detect duplicate content and so this method ceased to work. Because writing new and fresh top quality content takes time and requires a person knowledgeable on the subject, many black hat SEO users wanted to avoid this.

Thus the realm of content ‘spinning’ was born. Content spinning is the act of taking an article and replacing certain keywords within it with synonyms in order to make the content appear different to a search engine. While this technically works, the spun article rarely makes sense to an actual human reading it. Take this as an example:

Original Sentence: “One of the best ways to find new things to buy online is by performing a Google search.”

Spun Sentence: “One of the good methods to find recent stuff to acquire is by accomplishing a Google inquiry.”

As you can see, the spun sentence reads exactly like a sentence would, but some of the word choices as synonyms don’t make sense in the same context as the original sentence. Google has sharpened its algorithm against sentence structures like this, where numerous articles appear to have the same syntax with just a few words carefully chosen to be replaced as synonyms.

Feeding the Panda in 2011 and Beyond

Because of the algorithm changes to help combat low caliber content, it becomes more important than ever for business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking content online to ensure that only good content is produced and posted. Quality content is content that has never been published online, makes proper use of the targeted keywords by respecting density, and provides something of value to the user who is searching for said keyword.

Some pieces of content offer better value than others, when compared to the type of keyword they’re designed to promote within Google. Well written How-To articles are generally a great source of content, since many people turn to the Internet when they have questions about how to perform a task. News articles are also well received, as many people want to know the latest news concerning technology, politics, and any number of other interests available online.

When purchasing high quality content, keep these things in mind:

• Is the content original?
• Does it offer some value to the reader?
• Is it flooded with unnecessary keywords?
• Does the grammar, spelling, and punctuation check out?

Content should always be original and hold some value for the person who is reading it. While in the past, keyword stuffing was the thing to do to get articles recognized on Google, this is no longer the case today. Stuffing keywords will more than likely just get your page ignored. Additionally, you want to produce content that is easy to read and will bring people back for more. By producing content that is easy to read, engaging, and free of grammatical and spelling errors, your efforts at article marketing will reward you ten-fold.

Tips For Hiring Search Engine Marketing Companies

If you are in the market sifting through search engine marketing companies, then you are probably aware of the plentiful options to choose from. Some online business owners are overwhelmed with their choices and they end up hiring a firm that is incapable of providing the services they need. You need to start by identifying your search engine marketing goals to best determine who can offer services to meet your needs.
There are three basic questions that you can start with when selecting a search engine marketing firm. These questions include the following:

How do you like your website or business to perform one or several years from hiring the services of a firm? What is the desired amount of income in a specific period of time, say 3 or 5 years? How much are you willing to invest to ensure that your business increases its sales and profitability?

There are more questions that you should be asking; however, the above questions will enable you to pinpoint what your immediate and long-term goals are. You should find an answer to them before you begin your search for a search engine marketing firm.

The above three questions are also very important for another reason: it focuses on results. This is where all goals lead to. Results are the driving force behind a company establishing its own goals. This is why results must be on top of your priority list when determining which company to hire to handle your search engine marketing campaign. Most importantly, a company must be dedicated in YOUR RESULTS because every online business has unique goals to achieve.

One concern that make it difficult for online businesses to choose the right search engine marketing company to hire is the lack of goal planning. This is a costly mistake, but there are admittedly a number of online businesses that neglect this aspect. If you are one of them, then don’t expect to see any viable result from your SEM campaign.

Budget must be considered alongside the methods used for achieving results from your SEM campaign. If your business have a limited budget to spare, then the professional SEM service can focus more on improving organic search engine rankings over PPC advertising, which is more costly. Driving leads to your website is just one thing though, because you need to have an easy to navigate and functional website to produce conversion.

There are several methods for reaching your goal. Thus, you need to speak with the firm you are considering to hire to do SEO for you and determine how they define this process. Do they prioritize organic search over PPC or vice versa? If they choose to use organic search methods, what are the sub-specialties of their SEO service? Make sure that any or a combination of the following are included: social bookmarking, social media marketing, copywriting, online syndication, backlinking, and RSS feeds. A good search engine marketing firm employs a comprehensive range of SEO services to maximize results. However, the methods must be designed to fit your goals.

There are plenty of search engine marketing companies that you can hire. But the secret to a successful marketing relies on whether their own goals, focus, and marketing activities are compatible with the goals and needs of your business.