Discover How to Train Your WordPress Clients Without Wasting Your Time!

We all know that giving support to your clients creates lots of trust, not to mention possible referrals and extra cash on your wallet. But unfortunately, we also know that it can be a very time-consuming task.

Dealing with customers training was one of my most time-consuming works during all my career as a web developer and designer. I spent a lot, and I mean A LOT, of my time training them in how to use WordPress, how could they post a new page and alter an existing one, how could they add a new image in their media library, how could they create a new category… And many more “how-tos” you probably know.

I received constantly many phone calls, endless emails, so I even made a PDF document with the basic tasks outlined, along with nice screenshots and easy-to-follow instructions. But then, WordPress upgraded and all my screenshots became outdated, so I needed to create them again, and again…

Heck! I actually spent more time training some of my clients than actually delivering them their sites!

Many of my clients were not that ‘internet savvy’, so I had to break down every single step with non-technical language, and that can be really time-consuming.

I tried to find a solution. You know, the type of manuals you just change some names and there you have it! (Although it’s getting difficult to find these ones, I searched for one free WordPress manual on Google and got no relevant results) The problem was that even with the manual they kept calling me and emailing me with new questions and problems that apparently the manual did not cover, or covered it with technical or non-specific language.

I almost decided to completely remove the free customer support from my webdesign packages. Fortunately for me (and my clients!) I did not have to, I found a plugin that trains my clients in my place.
How awesome is that?

It has more than 35 video tutorials, fully customizable with your own logo, and also a nice PDF (available also in doc format for further customization) with over 80 pages and screenshots!

The plugin’s called Video User Manuals and guess what? You don’t have to worry for WordPress updates, you have access to updated videos and the updated handbook, without even requiring you to do anything! (I can hear you sighing)

You just install that thing in your client’s site as a plugin (Did I mention you can install it on unlimited sites?) and whenever they need a piece of advice, they just need to open plugin’s tab and that’s all, you don’t have to worry again for giving technical support to your clients.

It works like charm. You buy your membership, save countless hours of time and then invest it building more websites and earning more money.

A win-win situation I think.

Guidelines for Writing The Best Email Copy and Subject Lines

To write the BEST copy for your follow-up e-mail, you need to use these Guidelines.

Map out your offer on paper. Take notes, have all the details BEFORE you begin.

Get the answers to every one of these questions…

1. What is the TARGET Audience?
2. What is in it for “Them”?
3. What is the Urgency?
4. What are the Compelling Benefits?
5. What Length will the Copy Be?
6. What is the Call to Action?
7. Which Links are to be Included?
8. Who is the email’s Sender?
9. What contact information will be used?
10. What will the extra Benefit (BRIBE) in the P.S. be?
11. Restate your Biggest Benefit and include a Bonus or Two!

The Call to Action:
Click here now to Learn More…
Click here now to sign up/subscribe
Click here now to follow the link
Visit my website @___________ for more information.

Be sure to State: What…you want the reader to do!

On the Website: Complete the Sale, Overcome Objections and Build the
Value of your offer with Details and Benefits.

Always Generate Excitement and Curiosity with your Benefits.

Do your Selling on the Website, not in the email you send.

“Hypnotize the Reader” Grab their Attention with Compelling Benefits.

Use informal speech, vocabulary at the 6th grade level and use their first name.

When you finish writing, set the copy aside, and come back to it in an hour or so!

Then, you scan it to see how EASY it is to read Quickly. (10 seconds) It must Grab your attention in 10 seconds and cause you to want to read MORE!

If it doesn’t GRAB your attention and cause you to want to Learn More…Rewrite the copy with the Main Benefits, and be sure to Convince your reader to TAKE ACTION!

Now, the most IMPORTANT part of your Email!

The Subject Line. You should not use more than about 50 characters in a Subject Line. If you can use 35 to 40 characters, you will have a better chance of the email being opened.

There is even more likely hood of opens when you use their First Name in the Subject Line and keep the email short and to the point.

Remember you will be doing your SELLING on your Website!

Always relate the Subject Line to the Content of the Email message.

If you can’t grab them with your Subject Line…they won’t open your Email. No Opens = No Sales! Simple as that. Make the Subject Line Affect them Personally, because you MUST make the reader WANT to read your message.

Don’t let the BEST Part of a Subject Line be “cut off”, four or five words, including their first name is a good limit to your Subject Line.

Don’t use all CAPS in a Subject Line, it may be thought of as SPAM or shouting. Also, no! or $ signs in your Subject Lines.

The reader may ask themselves….What’s In It For Me or So What? or Why should I open this Email? So,be sure to have the answers in the Email.

Good Email Copy will…
1. Make an Announcement/News,
2. Leave some Curiosity,
3. Have a sense of Urgency,
4. Show the Biggest Benefits (Save Money or Time).

The Key to your Email is…How will they benefit from reading, What will they learn, will it save them time or money, and How will it Improve their LIVES.

So, to wrap up this message:

Always relate your Subject Lines to your actual message’s Content.

Write compelling Subject Lines so people will WANT to Open and Read your Email.

Personalize with their first name, and don’t use all CAPS,!! or $$

Do Share News, Add Curiosity and a sense of Urgency and always show your Biggest Benefits!

What You Need To Know For Successful Internet Marketing

If you are in the dark about successful internet marketing, you are not alone. Many great ideas have fallen by the way side because the owner of the business did not have the information they needed to be successful. Don’t let that happen to you. Start using these practical tips today

Try to do things that focus on bringing a new customer base to your company. If you do not expand the amount of clients that you have, business will not grow and potential profits may be lost. This is the best way to maximize your potential and reach your ceiling as a company.

If you have an internet marketing site, you will want your website to be seen. The best way to accomplish this is to get listed with Google, as it has the most traffic of all the search engines out there. Once you are indexed there, your site traffic will increase and your business will, as well.

Make sure that the colors you use on your site do not make it hard for users to find navigation links. If your site is in black but your navigation links are in royal blue users may not see them and that would mean less time they will spend on your site.

We have been taught from a young age to respect authority, so use this training to your advantage in your promotional materials. Sign off on materials using your company title. If you are just starting out, if you’re leading the way, you can still be the president or CEO. Remember to take credit for material you produce, too.

Streamline your website so it loads quickly and viewers can jump right to the section they want, through links or buttons. Make the links and buttons obvious, so no one has to waste time searching for them and keep the same general layout and style from page to page. Set up the site for easy navigation between pages, so viewers do not get frustrated and wander off to another site.

To promote your business with internet marketing send out a press release. This may sound like an old fashioned approach, but press releases are still effective online. You can set up a mailing list for your website to ensure that those interested will get relevant notifications. Search for bloggers with similar interests who will be interested to know about your business and might help spread Internet word of mouth.

Be basic and specific. Remember your visitor base includes a wide array of people, with different amounts of knowledge of your products. Use laymen’s terms to describe things, but also include the individual specifications for those more advanced. Catering to all of your readers will likely increase sales from all sides of the spectrum.

Closed captions are one of the best tools that you can use on your website. This will allow your company to appeal to all potential customers who have hearing problems and will show that you are a universal brand. Take this into consideration if you want to expand your customer base.

Know what tools are best for you and your business. There are several tools out there to help with internet marketing, but that doesn’t mean they are all going to work for you or your business. You want to make sure that you are only using those that are going to generate real results so you aren’t wasting your time in fruitless ventures.

An easy-to-use, efficient ordering system can attract and retain more customers. Your marketing should highlight how quick and intuitive your checkout feature is; it should also include specific directions to guide the user through the ordering process, regardless of whether your product is purchased online or must be picked up in-store.

You should always hire other people to do all of the small work for you so that you have time to focus on the larger things. Reading and responding to emails, fielding questions, and requesting proposals are all things that you can get someone else to do instead of trying to do them yourself.

Take a critical look at your website and if you can’t hire someone else to review it for you. We all think our creations are beautiful, but sometimes we can’t see what everyone else sees. Do not consider your site a stagnant thing, it should always be changing and improving.

one of the best internet marketing ideas is to start a ‘buy the most wins’ contest. You can make this a weekly, monthly, or yearly contest and it is a great way to motivate customers to not only buy your products, but to keep buying them time and time again.

A great internet marketing tip is to turn some of your advertising banners into questions that your customers would be interested in answering. Pose a trivia question or something and tell your visitors they might win a prize if they answer the questions correctly. This provides extra incentive to click on your ads.

To attract a wider customer base, give your customers a choice of paying either the retail or a wholesale price that you figure out in advance. For the wholesale price, you can charge a monthly or yearly fee in addition to the wholesale cost of the products, so that you don’t lose a ton of money.

Make sure that you participate on other online forums and message boards. You can provide answers to people’s questions, ask your own questions, and post your own accurate information. Also include your site link in your signature if it’s allowed in that community. This will attract more traffic to your site and most likely more sales for you.

Now that you are no longer in the dark about internet marketing, it is time to start applying the useful information from the article above. If you believe that your idea is a great one, don’t let it fail because you ignored the practical tips that could make all the difference

PHP Scripting Language

What is PHP?

PHP which stands for hypertext Preprocessor is a popularly used scripting language for general purposes and is highly appropriate for web development. It can also be set into HTML. PHP scripting language is mainly deals with the server side. However, this is not what it was originally designed for as it was meant to be used in web development for the creation of dynamic web pages. It is for this reason that the PHP code is rooted into the HTML main document and converted with the help of a web server which has a PHP processor unit that produces the web page text.

How is PHP used?

PHP has been upgraded and now also has the ability to execute command line interface functions. It can also be used in single standalone graphical applications. PHP is quite flexible since it can be used with almost all servers. When it comes to its standalone interpreting functions, it can be incorporated into a good number of the operating systems and their platforms without any charge. The PHP script language has numerous competitors which include Active server pages(ASP) and server- side script engine, Active server to mention just but a few. The popularity of PHP comes out clearly in the fact that more than twenty million websites have installed PHP and about one million installations done on wed servers.

Where is it used?

As previously stated PHP is used in web development for a positive outcome. To begin with PHP which is a server side scripting language can be used to perform various tasks. One such task is its ability to create dynamic pages containing active content which consist of flash and animation thereby making it possible for you to create personalized web pages which can be the center of attention for many visitors. Another function of PHP is to use it from the side of a standalone client. Due to the fact that PHP is free, it is quite easy to fix it into HTML. Web developers as well as programmers also make use of PHP MYSQL to do script installations, repair and control all front as well as back end activities without any complications. PHP can also be used expansively when it comes to creating social media sites, email supervision, software for managing content and other functions.

Benefits of Using PHP for Web Development

It interacts perfectly with any database it is one of the best languages to be used in building active websites which work together with databases. This is because it has the capability to substitute all kinds of information without any difficulties.Pricedue to the fact that PHP runs on Linux, it is free. This is another reason which has made it quite popular with developers.When compared to other programs such as ASP which run on MS_SQL which a Microsoft product which is not available for free, PHP database connectivity is less costly. However, when using PHP via MySQL for web development it is free.Extremely good speeds – PHP is known to be much faster when compared to other web programming languages since the PHP code functions through its own memory.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Content

There are innumerable search engine optimization techniques that are applicable for promoting or ranking of your website. While there are many ways that you can adopt to improve your website search engine rankings, if you are specific in your approach you may be able to achieve your results within a reasonable amount of time since initiation of the optimization process. Many business owners have a misconception that getting ranked in the first page of Google is a nightmare. While this can be true, especially if you are using the wrong approach of search engine optimization, there is high chance that you will rank easily if you adopt the techniques I am about to disclose to you here in this article.

Without much ado, let me disclose to you the easiest ways you can use to rank in the first page of Google, Bing or any other search engine you may wish to rank. You should observe the following:

• Fresh and Quality Content

Web content that you publish in your website is a very important factor that determines if you will rank or not. The content published should be quality and should contain the relevant keywords that you wish to rank for. You should however avoid putting too many keywords in your content since you may be penalized by the search engines for keyword stuffing. Usually a keyword density range of 2-3% may be great. The content should be unique and informative to the readers so that they spend time in your website.

• Keyword Density

As mentioned above the amount of keywords that you place in the articles and the content you publish in your website is very crucial. It is emphasized that you should avoid overdoing keyword optimization. The keyword density should be within the normal range.

• Keyword Placement

The keyword of an article should be place in the best places that can enhance their visibility to search Engines. The best places to position the keywords for maximum SEO benefit. The keyword should be placed in the title and in the first paragraph of the article and also evenly distributed in the article as well as in the last paragraph. Placement of the keyword in the first paragraph and the title is very important and should be the most important

• Incoming Links

In search engine optimization the incoming links are the most regarded compared to the outbound links. It is therefore important that you increase the number of links that are coming in to your website for maximum. You should ensure the inbound links are of value to your website and the outbound links point to highly esteemed websites like Wikipedia. This will increase the number of times that the search engine spiders visit your website and therefore enhance your website rankings. The authenticity of your articles can be augmented by linking the articles using the out bound links that point to the outside website that is an authority site. Alternatively the other links coming from outside can make reference to one of your content section.

These are some of the most valuable factors that you should consider when you are publishing your website content for maximum visibility. Though this list is not conclusive the tips outlined are the most significant in search engine optimization of content. You should consider implementing these tips when you write content to make the content more useful for your SEO purpose.

Creating Websites That Can Sell For Millions Of Dollars

Getting over the $1-million hump may seem to be an easy task, if we go by the claims of self-proclaimed online millionaires. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Turning your website into a virtual million-dollar cash cow is not a straightforward and simple undertaking. You have to put your heart and mind to the tasks at hand. It requires a great deal of patience and persistence to get to your expected target. The reason why a lot of people turn out websites with price tags that only run for a few hundreds or thousands of dollars is because they plunge into their online venture without the proper frame of mind.

You are off to a good start if you are able to create a website that turns in consistent and stable income while giving you a lot of spare time to do other things on the side. On the other hand, there may be some things that you are not doing right if you are going for multiple sites to reach your desired level of income from your online business venture.

Elements of a Million-Dollar Website

The price tag of a Website is normally pegged by determining its monthly earnings. A high-value website normally gets a price tag which is equivalent to its normal income or revenue for a 12 to 18-month period. Thus, if you have a website that generates a monthly income of $8,000, then you can offer such website for sale at a price of $96,000 to $144,000. The selling price naturally increases by the stated time variable as the earning or revenue of the said site increases.

Using this price template, you can easily see how much income your website should generate in order to hit the million-dollar mark. For instance, if you want to create a website that will give you revenue of $1 million in a year, then you must create a site that can generate a monthly income of at least $30,000. Setting the required income level is a nifty way of ensuring that you are within the range of your target selling price of your website.

Hitting the Million-Dollar Mark

There are actually thousands of options and ways by which you can create a million-dollar website. This six-figure virtual cash cow can be an expert content or news site that generates substantial revenue through paid adverts. It may also be a reputable discussion forum where you can charge forum members monthly fees or some kind of gaming site where you can collect fees every time members play a particular online game or earn income in exchange for the access to your Website.

The opportunities to monetize your website are endless, and you only need to establish your goals and objectives in order to get a good grip of the direction that you want to take in your online business venture.

Is Using Social Media Really That Important?

For years running a business was relatively simple – you had a store or office, went to work each day, kept everything running, printed flyers or brochures to promote your business and used your profits to pay your employees and expenses.

“To do business in the 90’s you needed a Fax machine and a newspaper ad, to do business in the 2000’s you needed a website and a mobile phone. To do business in this decade you need a Blog and Social Media.” Matt Adams, Social Media Expert.

With the advent of computers and the internet things have changed dramatically and if you want to build a presence online then social media really is that important.

Today’s Businesses
These days it’s very easy to start a business. In some cases (depending on the type of business it is), you can be up and running on the net in a couple of hours and many of today’s businesses are run solely online. For many small business owners, an online business is a fantastic way to build their business, while keeping overheads low. E-stores for example, allow people to store all their stock at home and employ maybe one or two people to arrange packaging and postage – far cheaper than renting a warehouse and an office for admin staff.

In today’s tech-savvy world it pays to use as many outlets as you can to build an online presence. Whether you want to believe it or not, the majority of your customers, clients and competitors are online and unless you’re there too, you’re losing money.

Why You Need Social Media
Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube give you the opportunity to reach a greater audience and to connect with your customers and clients in ways that simply weren’t possible ten years ago.

We all know that creating and maintain relationships with customers is the key to a successful business but prior to now we had only distant tools to maintain and build these relationships. In the past we’ve had the phone, recently email and text messaging but these are one-to-one communication mediums. With Social Media we can still have this one-to-one conversations but now we INVOLVE others in the same conversation. This is very powerful from a marketing perspective.

We know that we are more likely to purchase something if it’s recommended by a friend rather than if we simply saw an ad on TV or in the newspaper. Now, you have recommendations in so many different ways.
By combining your website with a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, Blog and information-rich articles, you can not only increase the number of people who know about your business but provide them with information, discounts and promotions that you can’t do with print media. And with Social Media the cost is simply your time, unless you’d like to run Pay Per Click marketing campaigns (which you should).

You can connect with customers and clients all over the world from promoting your business and selling products to finding new clients, new media can put the world in your hands with the click of a button. And sites such as Facebook allow your customers and clients an opportunity to communicate with you, no matter where you are.

The Time Is Now
If you’ve been putting off using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or a Blog, you are reducing the opportunities you have to reach your customers and clients. There are still many businesses without websites, which not only makes it difficult for people to find them but drives people to their competitors. By creating an online presence you will increase your availability to your customers and be a greater competitor to your competition.

Don’t let your competition take away your business. Use social media to its fullest to create an impact online and increase your presence to customers old and new. If you want your business to survive in today’s technological world you need to be where your customers are – online and on social media networking sites. Increase your presence and your business, and start your social media marketing campaign today.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Can Put Your Online Home Business on the Map

Mobile marketing is all the rage on the Web these days as cell phone usage continues to soar worldwide. According to a mobile local ads website: “4,239,956 people are having a cell phone conversation at any given second in the world. 15% of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call. 32% of men and 23% of women say they can’t live without their cell phone.”

This mobile phone phenomenon has created a tremendous marketing opportunity for Internet marketers and online home business owners everywhere. Some are predicting that mobile marketing will some day claim number one spot over email marketing as an advertising medium.

Mobile marketing is any type of advertising or product promotion that utilizes cell phones. This media is not only limited to text messaging, as some people believe, but you can also use voice messages, apps and mobile websites to get your point across.

This relatively new Internet marketing frontier provides several advantages to Internet entrepreneurs who are willing to get involved.

1. First of all, this advertising channel is very easy to set up and to implement. All you really need is a list of prospects and access to an online mobile service willing to send your messages. If you can compose an email advertisement and send an email you can create a cell phone marketing campaign.

2. Another reason to take advantage of this new opportunity is people on average check their text messages and their voicemail more often than their email messages. This means it’s easier to get your message to your prospective customers.

3. Timing is everything in the world of Internet marketing and with text messaging you can reach your target immediately. People check their texts as they arrive while an email message may be sitting in someone’s inbox for days or may even get lost entirely in a spam folder.

4. Believe it or not there are still people who don’t have an email address while 91% of Americans own a mobile device. This also increases the chance of your home business message getting to your intended recipient.

5. Currently this market is virtually untapped because, as with most things, people are reluctant to experiment with something new. This means, once again, that timing is everything and this couldn’t a better moment to get involved before the market becomes too competitive.

Mobile marketing is the new kid on the Internet marketing block and if you’re serious about creating another revenue stream for your online home business you should give this opportunity serious consideration.

Get Your Site on the First Page of Google

If you want to Drive Traffic to your Website or Blog, the #1 question to ask yourself is How to Get on the First Page of Google. This is the your most important problem to solve…if you are not on the first page of Google, chances are high that your site will never be seen or generate any real traffic…

One of the best ways to do this is to leverage Authority Sites such as YouTube, Squidoo, EzineArticles, Buzzle, Articlesbase, & Hub Pages. Authority Sites always win, then backlinks from other sites are the next best thing. Backlinks are like votes, the more the better. Post your content on Authority Sites & link them back to the same article on your site.

Quality & Quantity both count. One page that ranks on Google’s first page equals roughly 1 lead per day.

The goal is to have your article on the first page of Google so people looking for that topic can find it, click it, read it, then opt-in to your site. As long as your site has other good content, it’s likely the person that opted-in will come back for more. When they’re on your site & if they also opt-in to a lead capture page of some type, follow up with an email or phone call.

The types of articles that work best are either product reviews or problem/solution type, because everyone has problems that they want solved. Company reviews also work very well because most people will do research on a company to validate their decision about that company or before working with that company.

You’ll have to do some keyword research if you want to get on the first page of Google, by using Google’s keyword tool, there are other tools, but this is a good start.

You’ll be looking for keywords that rank on Authority Sites, like the ones mentioned above. When using the Google tool, set the Match Type to exact, then type in your phrase, you’re looking for Local Monthly Searches that are greater than 100. When you find one, then put that keyword phrase in a normal Google search window, enclose it in quotes & make sure you are not logged into Google, this will give you a better search result.

You’re looking for Authority Sites, when you find one, write your own article, submit it to Authority Sites…if you also submit your articles to other article sites, those articles should have a link pointing to the article on one of the Authority Sites, which will help your article rank higher. This is not the only strategy for ranking high on Google, but it’s a good start & you’ll have an edge against others competing for the first page of Google.

The strategies and methods for getting ranked high on the search engines can change, this will have an effect on the page ranking for your articles. Also the new Google +1 tool now plays an important role in your search engine ranking.

Your articles should be roughly 500 words. Use the keyword phrase 3-4 times throughout the article, don’t overdue it, otherwise it will not be as effective. When your article is finished, submit it to the applicable Authority Sites and make sure the article has a link back to the same article on your site.

The solution is fairly simple; the version of your article that you submit to the other article directories has links that point to the Authority Sites, the Authority Sites then point to the original article on your website or blog. This strategy creates lots of link-juice to your site, which ultimately helps rank it higher.

SEO Optimization Company – Choice Between Experienced Players and New Talents?

If you are planning to promote your business website to get more and more customers, you will surely come across the word, Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many search engine marketing firms who claim to be experts in the field. Choosing the right SEO optimization company to promote your business website is going to be a slightly tricky affair.

There are thousands of search engine marketing firms that offer excellent services to their clients. Some might be experienced in the field, while others might be practically new, and without much experience. So, how are you going to choose the right SEO optimization company among so many providers?

Let us now check out their pros and cons.

Experienced companies:

Experienced companies will know everything about the inns and outs on how to go about the SEO needs of their clients. They will even have the necessary resources and tools for conducting their jobs efficiently. By hiring the services of an experienced SEO Optimization Company, you can be assured of quality and timely delivery of services. They will have a well organized customer support team to keep you updated with the developments taking place on their end.

While there is no denying the fact that there is no substitution to experience, quality does come with a price. Will all that they have to offer, their fees will be on the higher side. This however might not be true in all the cases, as business will need to offer competitive prices, in order to get that distinct edge over their business rivals. Furthermore, you could also try negotiating their fees and check with them if they could give you further discounts.

New Companies:

If there is something very noticeable about newcomers, then it is most definitely their enthusiasm and energy levels. A new SEO Company might even go that extra mile to retain you as their long-term customer.

The biggest advantage of hiring new search engine marketing firms is cheaper rates. They might slash their profit margins to entice more and more customers. They would also be willing to give you discount on prices to make you happy.

However, lack of experience could also mean low quality, but again it might not be so with all the new service providers. Although they will still be in their initial stages, you will still come across professionals who are willing to work with commitment, and exhibit excellent business ethics.

The thing that you will need to know about the new companies before hiring them is their professionalism and competence. They might be low on resources, but they might be willing to put in that extra effort.

Hiring on short term basis:

The best way to gauge the potentials of any SEO optimization company is by engaging them for short term projects. If you find them to be reasonably competent during that period, you might want to think about extending your contracts.

Making your choice:

You could make sound judgments by considering the above mentioned points. Remember that your website promotion is something that is very important for your business, and you will need to make sure that the responsibility is taken up by the right providers.