Our Team of Web Professionals

Web Polaris was founded by Miran Makaš, who has been designing, creating, and maintaining websites for over a decade. Makaš is a motivated, self-educated, self-starter dedicated to detailed, high-quality work. He has been involved in all phases of website projects – from conceptualization and strategizing to graphic design, and from coding and implementation to maintenance and e-marketing. His current specializations are in CRM and SEO, SEM, analytics, and other similar processes.

Makaš has assembled a reliable and skilled team of young and creative international designers, programmers, and developers to plan, build, maintain, and market web-based applications as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Our Brilliant Strategy

Our greatest asset is our ability to help you with your strategic internet planning. Web Polaris has the experience and tools to make sure your site best exhibits your products or services, communicates your messages, and reaches your target customers or clients. We can help you effectively use new technologies to not only participate in the online marketplace, but also to stand out for all the right reasons.

Isn't it time your business or organization started thinking more tactically about its online goals – and strategizing about how best to keep ahead of the always changing role of the internet in your specific industry? Is your website out of date? Do you wish your website attracted more traffic? Do users get confused or lost when trying to navigate your website? Do you feel you could be doing a lot more online?

Piecemeal web tactics that address these and other problems individually will only take you so far and may prove only partially successful. If you want to more than a spotty, quick-fix - if you want a long-term, integrated and comprehensive solution – and if you really want to shine online, let Web Polaris work with you plan and develop a holistic internet strategy.

At Web Polaris, we believe strongly in the necessity of a proactive approach that integrates different tactics to capitalize on the strategic possibilities of the internet. We can help you use the web as a tool to realize your long-term business goals.

Not only do we encourage our clients to explore and reach their web potential by approaching their online presence in a comprehensive way through strategic internet planning, at Web Polaris, our holistic approach also extends to the way in which we work.

Our Process

For every project we undertake, we follow the same 6-step process. This process includes periods in which we study, explore, create, market, reveal, and refine. We don’t just jump into creating anything with first thoroughly understanding the task at hand and investigating possible options – and we don’t disappear after the site is up and running.

STUDY - We begin by listening to our clients, understanding their online goals, learning about their product or service, and analyzing their internet needs.

EXPLORE – We then help our clients formulate an internet strategy that translates their ideas into online solutions by investigating different possible options and recommending the best way forward.

BUILD – Once a plan has been selected, we implement the chosen solution by designing and programming an optimized website and/or marketing strategy that meets our clients’ needs and achieves their goals.

MARKET – Marketing is built into all our sites’ designs in terms of SEO, but we also help our clients before the site launch with advertising on other sites, creating partnerships and links to generate traffic.

REVEAL – We continuously test the site and help our clients to ensure they have a successful and seamless launch of their new website.

REFINE – After the site has been launched, we also assist our clients with troubleshooting any unforeseen problems, evaluating and measuring its success, ongoing marketing, and improving it in any way possible.

Why you should hire the professionals at Web Polaris!

You may wonder why you need a professionally designed and developed website when there are so many off-the-shelf software packages, online services and templates available to create websites today. Many small business owners do try to create their sites themselves, and often realized that designing, developers, and maintaining a successful website takes a lot of time and a specialized set of skills they don't have.

Here are a few of the key benefits of hiring web professionals like the team of experts at Web Polaris:

You know your business and we know ours. The learning curve on high-quality web development programs can be daunting to even the most web savvy amateur. As web professionals, it’s our job to keep up with the latest industry standards and to know all the ins and outs of the needed technology, applications, and procedures to get you the results you need.

You want an online presence as individual as your business. Even the most feature-loaded, so-called customizable off-the-shelf web design software and templates will limit your design and programming options. As professionals, we can analyze and make recommendations for your unique and specific needs and implement specialized solutions to achieve your goals. Your page will look and function better.

Many small businesses, even those who hire someone with experience and expertise to develop their websites, believe that “if you build it, they will come.” As web professionals, we know how to integrate marketing into your site’s design to improve your visibility to your target audience and traffic online. We are also adept at proven strategies for keeping your site fresh and helping you keep in touch with that audience.

All the time you or your employees are spending on figuring out, creating, and maintaining your website and marketing it online – is time they could be focusing on developing your business. Outsourcing to meet your online needs will save you time and allow you to use your resources more efficiently.