Maximize the effectiveness of your online presence!

You may already have an online presence – probably including a website, advertisements, and links from partner sites, and perhaps even including email newsletters, a blog, twitter feed and facebook page. If you don’t have all these things and more, your visibility and profitability would increase if you did. If you do have them, are you in control of your digital identity, or have you let your customers shape how you are seen online through reviews and blog comments?

Whatever your current online presence and image, Web Polaris can help you enhance and improve it to through holistic strategies that will showcase the image you want to project and get it to the audience you want to reach.

We always design and code:

100% Web Standards compliant

Everything Web Polaris designs and codes is 100% Web Standards compliant.

You may wonder what the point of hiring a professional is when you can create a website yourself using Microsoft FrontPage, iWeb, or a similar What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) program. WYSIWYG programs do generate HTML code based on your choices about layout, font, color, and so on. But you may have noticed the range of option is fairly limited and if you want to do something complicated – like shopping carts – those editors quickly inhibit customization.

More importantly from the back-end perspective, WYSIWYG programs like Microsoft FrontPage or iWeb generate non-standard HTML, which hinders the World Wide Web Consortium’s attempts to create standards for page layout and viewing, especially in terms of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If your site is not coded to be Web Standards Compliant, you will likely experience compatibility issues, such as not displaying properly on certain web browsers or not at all on mobile devices.

Fortunately, Web Polaris' staff of developers and designers knows code. We can make your online presence 100% Web Standards Compliant.

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100% Search Engine friendly

Everything Web Polaris designs and codes is 100% Search Engine friendly.

What’s the point of having a fabulous website for your great product or service if no one can find you? Your site not only has to look good, reflect your spirit, and function well, it also has to be optimized for search engines. If you work with Web Polaris you can be confident that the layout of your site, your menus, your content management systems, your shopping carts as well as all your images, videos, and other elements will be optimized for search engine exposure. So you’ll be found – and found easily!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing strategy that considers how search engines work in combination with how people search online and what they search for. Optimizing a website involves being very strategic about its content, the specific words used, and where those words are placed as well as editing the HTML and associated coding to increase the site’s relevance and remove barriers to search engine indexes.

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